• now one is too many but it's never enough
  • social constructs
  • "i bet ur mad at me"
  • support the press

  • taking classes abroad
  • could you wrap your hands all the way around my neck
  • gonna love you girl
  • depending on the things you're wearing
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  • back again
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  • nightgowns

  • taste of barcelona
  • i know places we can go babe
  • the very thought of you
  • cry me a river

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  • the orange tree blossomed last saturday
  • runs through him
  • green olives
  • trap door

  • car-honk duet
  • distraction blues // baby's first hiatus
  • thought a new dress would make it better
  • is this just a wrinkle on a page that ends dismally?
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  • {BDS} I see you arriving in your car. Jet black Mercedes, built in the 70s, classic like you and me
  • you're in my veins, you fuk
  • took the brake pads out the car and I flew, smashed this window in my heart and I blamed you
  • I should have stayed at home 'cause right now I see all these people that love me but I still feel alone {BDS}
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  • how not to get into heaven
  • daydreaming in california
  • denial
  • king of the world

  • 7O1. At the moment any place I go is beautiful because in my mind I am miles and miles away.
  • 7OO. I'm a mixture of water and bone not a clone or a stepping stone
  • 699. Oh the boy's a slag, the best you ever had.
  • 698. Am I so full of pride that I took you for granted and never said, "I could use someone like you."